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Sell any book on your site

Turn visitors into customers

Flap Khaki and Buckle Bag Flared WMNS Mini Side who stay on your site

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"The Everywhere Store puts bookselling in the hands of the author in a way that's simple, efficient, and fun. I love being able sell directly to my readers using my own language at every step of the checkout process instead of handing them off to some faceless retail giant. It's personal and human, and the option to sell my own signed copies from home is a game changer."

Isaac Marion | Author, Warm Bodies

That sounds great, but WMNS and Side Flared Bag Flap Mini Khaki Buckle how do I make money?

Step 1: Add The Everywhere Store® to your website. Put a buy button anywhere you talk about a book.

Step 2: For every book you sell, Zola shares the retailer's revenue with you.

What exactly does that mean?

The retailer's revenue is the profit left after we pay the publisher for the book cost and credit card companies for processing.

Okay, so how much of that do I get?

Flared Bag WMNS and Side Khaki Buckle Flap Mini For traditionally published books, we split it 50/50.


You bet. And if you're an author or publisher, that means you earn more on every one of your books you sell with The Everywhere StoreWMNS and Flap Flared Side Bag Khaki Buckle Mini ®, because you get the same slice of the pie you normally receive Khaki Buckle Bag Flared WMNS Flap and Mini Side plus half of the retailer's revenue.

More pie for you

What if I'm self-published?

Then you get an even sweeter deal. For ebooks you sell through The Everywhere Store®, you'll get 80% of the sale price, less credit card fees. If you self-publish print books through Ingram or Createspace, we support that, too, sharing the revenue 50-50.

I'm an author. What does this mean for my royalties?

All money paid to publishers is counted as the author's regular royalties and will be reported as such. So if you're a traditionally published author, using The Everywhere Store® doesn't alter your royalty payments. Instead, it adds a second revenue stream.

Could you show me some numbers?

Sure. Let's look at some examples of how it generally works:

To read the fine print, click here.

All the Books

It's taken years, but we've built a massive catalog of books from almost every publisher — from the "Big 5" to the niche indies. Our catalog isn't "coming soon." It's here TODAY.

"With a simple line of code, Powered by Zola has enabled Wharton Digital Press to offer a curated bookstore on our website that features books that we have published, as well as a selection of titles from other leading publishers. Their technology has helped us to expand our ability to serve and more deeply connect with our readers, develop new customer leads, and recognize new sources of revenue. Small yet nimble, Zola has been responsive to our needs and continues to improve its technology and expand its services where market opportunities present themselves."

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Build your mailing list

Whenever one of your customers opts-in through The Everywhere Store®, you own that mailing address for your own newsletter, updates, or marketing.

Along with emails, you receive state and country information, so you can target your efforts! Download your customer list through your store dashboard any time you want.

Myron Mixon, CEA client

“Zola's Everywhere Store enables my clients to easily convert fans from 'just' social followers to actual customers — allowing us to reach their most passionate fans directly through email while generating more income.”

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The Everywhere Store® in action

The Mountain Shadow

WMNS Side Buckle and Flared Flap Mini Bag Khaki Audrey Niffenegger

Isaac Marion

Everything You Need in One Package

The Everywhere StoreWMNS Side Flap Mini Bag Flared Buckle Khaki and ® is a powerful little tool loaded with built-in features and options

All Books

Our catalog has the books from almost every publisher, from the Big 5 to the independent small presses.

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All Formats

Those books we just mentioned? We have them in every format, including print. You can sell the hardcover, paperback, ebook, CD, and digital audiobook versions of the same title, all from one buy button.

WMNS and Flared Flap Bag Side Khaki Buckle Mini Side Flap and Buckle Flared Mini Khaki Bag WMNS Mini Flap Buckle Side and Khaki Flared Bag WMNS

Flared Bag Buckle Side Mini Flap Khaki WMNS and Bulk Sales

Offer bulk ebook sales to groups or organizations. Customers receive redemption codes that they can send to recipients. We handle physical bulk sales, too!

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Local Fulfillment

Want to sell signed copies of your books? Our local fulfillment option makes it possible to sell anything you can ship yourself.

Customer Email Lists

Your customer opt-in email list is yours at no cost to you, downloadable whenever you want through your dashboard. Build a direct connection to your audience and target your marketing efforts smartly and efficiently.


Khaki Bag Flap Flared Buckle Side and WMNS Mini Want to encourage your readers to buy print and e together for one low price? Our bundling option gives you the power.

Easy and Customizable

Drop The Everywhere Store® widget on your site with just a few lines of code. You control the look and feel, so the widget blends in with your site's design.

White-Labeled Apps

With white-labeling available for our iOS and Android apps, you have the option of giving your customers a start-to-finish experience that's all about your brand.

Ready to launch your store? Get In Touch:

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This mini version of a flap bag will give any outfit you are wearing an extra boost of fashionable flare. This bag is made of a leather with a pebble embossed design. This embossing gives the bag a wonderful look and feel. The top of the bag has a small handle which has been attached with gold metal rivets. It has a larger flap which goes over the top of the bag has a gold metal clasp closure. The sides of the bag have been flared out. This offers the bag a very desirable look and offers more space to place items inside the bag. The sides have leather flaps and small gold hoops. A removable shoulder strap has been added to these hoops. The color choices of this bag are taupe, green, black and gray. You will love taking this bag everywhere.